Day 1

Let's take time to help one another

This is my first post and my first time blogging so please bear w/me.  I started this blog to help me heal in 123 days not in 1,2,3.  In the event that there is someone out there that is going through what I am then we can all heal on a daily basis or you have gone through what I’m going through I welcome life and/or spiritual advice.  I am in dire need of changing, I can’t keep friends and my family and my husband’s family alienates me because I have a big mouth.  Whether you ask for my advice or not I still offer it and I don’t sugarcoat it, I can be brutally honest.  I have decided to take a stand and change even at my age;  I have life experiences but instead of learning from them, I haven’t.  My life experiences has left me bitter and uglier in personality.  My husband is unlike me but a caring, loving and compassionate man, you can see why I fell in love with him but why did he fall in love with me?  Did I mention he’s younger and better looking?  It’s a rhetorical question, no need to answer.  🙂    I am very compassionate towards those in need like elderly, handicap, pets and children but if you can fend for yourself I will fight you.  I’m tired of fighting and I want peace and harmony in my life, not chaos.  I must mention I talk a lot so I don’t want to overwhelm the reader(s) with too much to take in or read.

I’m here, give me your best shot but with love or with a teaching tool.