Day 5


How do I calm the storm between me & his family?

Well today I feel I gave my husband very bad advice.  It was his nephew’s 12th birthday party & I didn’t go because I’m not close to this family.  My husband txt me from the party that he felt bad that he didn’t have a gift for him but he had $10 cash on him and wanted to give to his nephew & I told my husband “Give him the $10 and I bet you $20 that he won’t say thank you.”  Then I proceeded to tell him when I went to my nephew’s party the night before, I showed up late and w/o a gift but yet my 6 year old nephew hugged everybody & thank them for coming to his party.  Well, when he came to me thank me, I told him he didn’t have to thank me because I didn’t get him a gift and he said “no, Aunt Tri, thank you for coming.”  I was filled w/such emotion and as for my husband’s nephews & niece they don’t even speak to us.  Their parents don’t teach them to say “hi” to us much less talk to us or thank us for birthday or Christmas gifts.  Does it make it right for me not to want to give them a gift because of this flaw that is no fault of their own?  My husband asked when does it become a child’s responsibility to say “thank you?”  That is a good question when does it?  I told him when they are about 15 years old; which one of his nephews will be next year and the other ones are still a little younger.  Was I wrong to say that?  I wonder if I feel that way because I’m not a fan of his sister in law and we have never liked each other or ever been close, is this why I feel this way towards her children?  It’s not their fault they have her for a mother.  I know I need to forgiveher for all that has happened between us but I have a hard time getting to that place of forgetting our differences and move on whether we’re close or not.  Well if you have anything to add please feel free to comment. Until then I hope to hear from you soon, getting lonely.