Day 8 to my healing

a long and lonely road.

I did it! From Blog written on Day 6. I went to see my late uncle in law, sister at the hospital and I have to tell you I’m so glad I went.  When my husband and I got there, the only people that were there but leaving was her sister, brother and his wife.  I was elated because I didn’t want to run into her children or grandchildren and it was such a nice visit.  Our timing was a little off because she was in the middle of watching a show that she didn’t want to miss so she would speak to me during the commercials.  She told me that she was wondering when I was going to visit her and I was a bit surprised when she asked because she has 5 kids and numerous grandchildren and great grandchildren that how could she wonder when was I going to visit her?  Maybe she was just being nice and that could possibly be it but I told her with her large family I didn’t feel it was my place to be there since I wasn’t family.  She looked at me and told me that I was family and just because I wasn’t blood didn’t mean I wasn’t family, she told me that she considered me as one of her nieces, although; those were inspiring words I knew her other 2 daughters didn’t share that same sentiment as she did.  I’m so glad I went and so glad the rest of her family wasn’t there.  Even though things are now good between the alleged cousin & myself her two older sisters still have animosity towards me.  I feel like my beef was with the youngest sister & even at that she is a mom w/grandchildren, these two older sisters should mind their own business but they are entitled to their feelings just like we All are. I see some changes in myself through this journey but yet I have a very long way to go.