Day 9 to my journey of healing

Feeling small in big world.

Today, I got an email stating that my blog in another site was not good to make money.  I feel so discouraged about this blog thing or ever making it as a writer and perhaps even making any living from blogging.  Maybe I was just kidding myself into thinking I had it in me as a writer, I realize I’m no Carrie Bradshaw or anybody else for that fact; I’m just plain Tri with a dream.  Maybe at my age I should just give it up, freelance writing it’s either for mature experience writers or a young hot graduate, which I’m definitely not.  Where do I go from here at a writer?  Well I guess nowhere but for now I have a journey to continue with healing and from that I will continue to write every day until I reach my 123 days.


One thought on “Day 9 to my journey of healing

  1. Keep it up. You’ve likely heard “Rome wasn’t built in a day”, and I’m sure there are many other quotes that support the same idea. Bottom line is that I think if you do this for you, not for others or in expectation of getting something from it, then you’ll grow and learn from it. Kinda like “A watched pot never boils”.

    You can probably tell I like quotes LOL.

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