Day 10 of a healing journey

With each step is a journey to recovery.

Late last night I spent my time reading blogs on the “Journal tag” upon reading some of the journals there were so many blogs on weight loss and then there were some that inspired me and I felt the need to comment on their blog and then there were some that were sad but their blog offered a reason to live life to the fullest.  Among all those blogs that I commented on were 2 people that responded to my blog and offered encouragement and to them I say “THANKS”, it was exactly what I needed to feel that I wasn’t on this journey alone.  I’m a baby walking and talking for the first time and I need guidance from those that have walked in my shoes or for those who refuse to walk in my shoes because they don’t want the repercussions that I have endured.  I know this for sure I don’t want to spend my life this way any more and I don’t want to look back and see regrets in my past or in my future so here is my time to heal and be the person that God has me to be.  My steps may be small but all those time that I ran w/o any direction I am willing to take my time with a direction that will set me free from my past.  To those that listened and understood me and offered encouragement “thank you.”


6 thoughts on “Day 10 of a healing journey

    • I’m not really sad, I have a lot of issues I need to deal with and I need advice that will help me be a better person so that I can build healthy relationships with my husband, family, potential friends and even strangers. I have anger and unforgiveness because of my emotional pass that I have reverted to this nasty behavior and I need help, advice or whatever you want to call it to help me become the person that God has called me to be. So advice is really what I need with my issues this is why I started this blog. Thanks for your suggestion on a book and I may consider it but if you can give me advice or pointers based on what I have posted I so appreciate it very much. Thanks for reading, blessings.

    • Actually that book is full of advise to become a better person, how to think correctly, motivation depend on various condition of life. This book is one of best seller in our world currently. If you required free pdf, just pm me.

      Yes, I will advise you based on your post.

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