Day 11 to my healing journey

Stay focus on your journey to healing.

Yesterday, I had brunch with 2 of my cousins, my aunt and their friend, and we laughed and shared stories of our past, some extreme and some hurtful but listening to the friend & about his past was shocking but how remarkably he changed his past.  Then my cousin shared a story of her daughter and the pain she endured with the father that now things were coming along as a family of unity after many years together.  The father/husband realize how valuable “family” meant to him and now is doing all that he can do to not lose them again.  Driving home from the restaurant I came across church billboards with different quotes “Swallow your pride, it doesn’t contain calories”, another that read “Exercise Daily-walk with God” 2 different sayings with the same metaphors and I realize that by changing my past meant I was going to have to swallow my pride and exercise daily with my walk in Christ.  You can either; walk, run or skip in your journey; regardless it’s going to happen.  Whether I choose to walk, run or skip life will go on but I have to make sure that while life hasn’t stopped I need to change and build better relationships.


One thought on “Day 11 to my healing journey

  1. I think that you have the right ideal about your spiritual journey because that’s what it is, a journey. You make a conscience effort to replace bad habits with good ones. If you slip up, you repent and keep trying. Eventually you look back and can’t believe how far you’ve come.

    I know you’ll get there! 🙂

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