Day 15 Advice Needed

This is how I felt today, lol.

I woke very early this morning because I had a doctor’s appointment and a series of bad dreams, lol.  I have to tell you I dread going to the doctor’s, first of all, I’m there for hours and then when they do call me after all preliminaries; I’m in there waiting in a cold room for another 2 hours before the doctor comes in.  I’m bored out of my wits and I’m falling asleep and the walls are thin enough that I can hear him laughing and chatting away with his patient.  I guess I just don’t understand that if your appointment is at 10:30 a.m. why do I get out at 3:00 and to top it off my visit w/him was 25 minutes.  Sometimes I stay even later depending on the blood test he may want to check.  I have a pet peeve about this though, if I am over 15 minutes late they will cancel my appointment, been there done that.  This is the part where I need patience, I even use my phone to play a game or scroll through the internet because I bored and restless.  After the battery on my phone dies they only have 2 boring magazines in the exam room, this is funny but yet crazy.  Does anybody else go through this or is it just my doctor?  What’s your take on this?


Day 14 Uneasy dream

The darkness of a horrid dream

I had so much to do today with cleaning and washing clothes and it seemed like my day was never gonna end.  I was so exhausted but still had problems going to sleep.   I took over the counter p.m pills and nothing worked.  It must have been about 3 a.m before I finally dozed off.  I had the most bizarre dreams & I wanted to wake up from them but couldn’t.  I can’t explain it but they were like 5 different dreams rolled up in one and I felt like I was in an episode of the twilight zone…IN my dream.  I didn’t understand if it was a message to me or was it just because I was filled with stress earlier that day and my thoughts finally started to dwindle?  I didn’t like this dream and I wondered if this dream pertained as a message of the repercussion of my sins.  Did this mean my past sins or my present sins?  I was happy to be awake but I woke up with a tumultuous feeling, needless to say I began to pray.