Day 14 Uneasy dream

The darkness of a horrid dream

I had so much to do today with cleaning and washing clothes and it seemed like my day was never gonna end.  I was so exhausted but still had problems going to sleep.   I took over the counter p.m pills and nothing worked.  It must have been about 3 a.m before I finally dozed off.  I had the most bizarre dreams & I wanted to wake up from them but couldn’t.  I can’t explain it but they were like 5 different dreams rolled up in one and I felt like I was in an episode of the twilight zone…IN my dream.  I didn’t understand if it was a message to me or was it just because I was filled with stress earlier that day and my thoughts finally started to dwindle?  I didn’t like this dream and I wondered if this dream pertained as a message of the repercussion of my sins.  Did this mean my past sins or my present sins?  I was happy to be awake but I woke up with a tumultuous feeling, needless to say I began to pray.


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  1. Tri, I had a similar experience. Had a very vivid dream about losing a family member. I woke up, afraid and worried about him. I immediately started praying for him also. By the way, I added your blog to my blog roll, so that when people visit my blog, they can click on the link with your name and go to yours.

    • Thank you so very much Noel, sorry I haven’t replied sooner, my husband and I were on a mini vacation visiting a cousin in Dallas. Upon returning home I found out that lady I wrote about on day 6 on my blogged, past away on Sunday. I’m glad that God convicted me enough to see her and spend time with her in spite of past differences I had with her daughter 6 years ago. I came home to sad news but good news of my last visit with her and the kind words she said to me. I give God ALL the honor and glory for that time. Thanks also for added me to your blog roll, I appreciate it. Blessings to you and your ministry.

  2. I found this post incredibly interesting… I’ve often been told that God uses our past experiences in order to help others. We use what we know right!
    Well, this is an area I’m particularly familiar with! Sleep had always been a major issue for me, I used to switch between seasons of too little or too much… usually it’s too little, I’d be awake till the earliest (sometimes late) hours of the morning before I could finally sleep.
    After I gave my life to the Lord, I used to really struggle with sleep. It’s not in God’s will to cause restless nights, in face, He wants us to rest. He CAUSES us to rest! There is a difference between God working in your dreams and the world… when it’s God, you’ll never wake up feeling restless or still tired, He may use our dreams to work, but He’ll never take away our rest!
    The world, or more the enemy, will sometimes attack us in our sleep, in our dreams, because we’re sleeping, it’s harder to recognize and therefore defend ourselves! Remember, he is cunning… you can usually tell when your sleep is under attack because the images will be disturbing, causing fear and restlessness, they’ll cause you to stay awake instead of sleeping.
    Not long after I gave my life to the Lord, I had a terrible vision, of myself being accused by the enemy, in a vast courtroom, all of my sins were shown to me, flashing before my eyes, it made me cry and I felt so ashamed. I wasn’t sure if it was God who was showing me this, and why?
    Remember this one thing… God tells us when we do wrong, the enemy tells us that we are wrong. Do your dreams encourage you to press deeper into God? Or do they cause you to shy back, perhaps out of shame?
    My advice to you, would be, if you so wish it, to ask the Lord to allow you to rest peacefully… remember that most famous of psalms? Psalm 23, “He makes me lie down in green pastures”. Next time, before you go to sleep, pray to the Lord, and ask Him to rest with you that night, ask for his arms about you, remember that He is your father… He wants you to look to Him for all things, sleep included. He wont ignore your request.
    I also feel like the Lord is telling me that you have been asking for strength, I’m not sure what for, but He is telling me that it something you are seeking. His words to you, are that He will provide the strength that you need, that asking for it is the first step, but that you should expect to be given it too. Read Matthew 8:1-13, and Luke 7:1-10. I love the line at the end of Matthew 8:13, “Go! It will be done just as you believe it would.” Believe that the Lord will give you strength, don’t just ask for it… It is a promise from Him to us, Isaiah 40:31!
    Sorry for the lengthy reply, sometimes I let my hands get carried away, especially when the Lord is concerned! Meditate on these three things:
    1. God Loves YOU
    2. God WILL give you strength
    3. God wants you to have rest and sleep, Ask for the green pastures.

    • I’m sorry I didn’t reply much sooner, my husband and I were on a mini-vacation visiting a cousin. I know what you mean about letting your hands get carried away, we have that in common :-).
      I want to thank you for visiting my blog and for adding your comment. My sole purpose from this blog is heal in areas I had submerged so deep that I didn’t like the person I had become. I am a
      born again Christian that didn’t show any fruits of love and forgiveness.
      I went to God and asked Him to help me because I was so afraid of what I might see or release. I had asked God to give me strength for what would surface and what I saw was filth I had in my
      walk with God and I knew at that moment I needed to clean house and that is what I’m doing now. I’ve had so much hurt inside of me that I had build walls of lies, walls of hate, walls of unforgiveness,
      walls of generational curses, the list is long but I knew I didn’t want to go to my church with this because I didn’t want them to know me, much less see me. I was a portrayal of friendliness in church and I
      didn’t want them to know all this about me. I wasn’t ready to share this with them and I prayed and prayed about it and then opportunity arrived and even when no comments were posted, I pressed on because as
      I read my writings I was able to see clearly as I have never seen before it and went to God and asked forgiveness. Now God has put you godly people in path to help me and I give him ALL the honor and glory for
      that because I don’t open up to people and then ask forgiveness to my maker. I lived by, “I am what I am, if you don’t like it too darn bad”. Since the blog I see changes in my marriage and in me because I’m getting
      help and releasing my pain while stripping away a layer at a time. I’m not where I would love to be I still have issues and I am dealing with them one day at a time. I didn’t get this way overnight so I know God has a lot
      to show me as I grow in HIM and be that loving, kind, compassionate forgiving godly woman with a sense of humor He has called me to be. Sorry for allowing my hands to keep typing. Thank you so very much for your
      comment. I got a lot out of it. God spoke to you and you were obedient to share His word with me. Blessings to you.

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