Day 15 Advice Needed

This is how I felt today, lol.

I woke very early this morning because I had a doctor’s appointment and a series of bad dreams, lol.  I have to tell you I dread going to the doctor’s, first of all, I’m there for hours and then when they do call me after all preliminaries; I’m in there waiting in a cold room for another 2 hours before the doctor comes in.  I’m bored out of my wits and I’m falling asleep and the walls are thin enough that I can hear him laughing and chatting away with his patient.  I guess I just don’t understand that if your appointment is at 10:30 a.m. why do I get out at 3:00 and to top it off my visit w/him was 25 minutes.  Sometimes I stay even later depending on the blood test he may want to check.  I have a pet peeve about this though, if I am over 15 minutes late they will cancel my appointment, been there done that.  This is the part where I need patience, I even use my phone to play a game or scroll through the internet because I bored and restless.  After the battery on my phone dies they only have 2 boring magazines in the exam room, this is funny but yet crazy.  Does anybody else go through this or is it just my doctor?  What’s your take on this?


6 thoughts on “Day 15 Advice Needed

  1. Hey Tri, good to have you back and that you are well and have had a nice vacation. One day I’d love to make it to the states. My Husband and I have visons of taking our future kids to Disneyland Florida, now that would be a dream come true. Your a lovely lady and there are people that care however: I too have felt before that there were no one that cared in the past so I understand your reason for feeling so emotional. I have a terrible cold too right now and have done a lot of resting today and will probably get an early night though I only ever sleep a couple of hours at a time. Look forward to reading your next healing journey post. Hugs, Immie xx

  2. I’m in agreement with ‘actually strange’ (cool name!) Is everything ok? you last posted on the 11th, anything been happening? Immie x

    • Yes, thank for caring. As I read your posting I got very emotional inside. NO one has ever cared about me like that before. I thank God for letting me see that they’re are good godly people out there that care enough to hear me speak. I’m good, thank the good Lord, my husband and I went on a mini-vacation to Dallas to visit a cousin. I just got back home yesterday and got a pink eye and ill with a slight cold but I’m good, love you guys for caring. I tell you I am overwhelmed with emotions and typing as I am crying. Thank you Immie and Actually strange for those incredible and caring comments.

  3. Hello! Yep, it’s the same here. Doctor’s will keep us waiting for sometimes an hour, but if one of us is just 10 minutes late, you can bet your bottom dollar that the Doctor was on time then and refuses to see you. It’s Murphy’s law. My advice honey, is always take a good book or magazine with you! Immie xx

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