Day 25 Continuation of Sorrow

Uncontrolled Emotions

There is nothing worse than coming home from a vacation and receiving bad news.  I will make this short but this is the continuation from coming home to sorrow.  On day 6 & the 8th on my blog I spoke of my aunt’s late husband’s family and the altercation I had with one of the nieces that’s like a cousin to me and how I was torn about visiting her mom the hospital whom I consider an aunt. Upon arrival we had several phone messages that she had past away. I was filled with so much emotion it was overwhelming and then on top of that I had 2 fellow bloggers that cared enough to know if I was all right due to not blogging for 5 days.  Other than my husband, NO ONE have ever cared enough for me to see if I was ever ok or even cared about what I had to say unless it was in gossip form.  I will discuss that later since ALL this is part of my healing so that topic will come up for advice.  Anyway, I was sobbing like I hadn’t sobbed before, first for the grieving and then for the caring of strangers that I have never met.  What is the matter with me?  Is this part of healing because trust me I do cry easily, watching a movie, a sad commercial or even when I’m angry but this sobbing was different almost uncontrollable, I can’t explain it.

Sorry if I don’t make any sense, perhaps you can give me some insight to this because I can’t put it into words.  In advance I want to thank you all for your comments


7 thoughts on “Day 25 Continuation of Sorrow

  1. Hi Tri, sorry to hear all what has happened and my absence, I have had a terrible cold. You know, through healing crying is what is meant to happen,it’s a healthy sign that things are getting better. The passing of your aunt, the arguments, it is all going to be a tremendous weight on you and emotions are going to fly around. It’s very unsettling that there is this kind of discord in your family, so Tri there is nothing wrong with what you are going through, in fact if you wasn’t reacting like this I’d be worried and you wouldn’t be the lovely person who you are and I wouldn’t be writing this. It shows your human,and yes it is healing. ❤ xx

  2. actuallystrange, thanks for that reminder. This sobbing was so different, I didn’t even sob like that when my mom went to be with her Lord and savior. I did cry but this sobbing was a sobbing of a breaking down, I couldn’t understand it and I was puzzled as to why I was crying like this. Whatever it was I am grateful for the support you and others have given me. God bless you.

  3. There is NOTHING, I repeat NOTHING wrong with crying to express sincere grief. I have sobbed three times within the last few months for various reasons because I needed an outlet for the grief I was feeling. You cried because you needed to cry.

    Remember, the shortest verse in the Bible is John 11:35, “Jesus wept.”

    There is nothing wrong with crying.

  4. Thank you Noel for your advice, listening to an inspirational song helped. I put on the CD of Hillsong from Australia, “The potter’s hand” I believe it called that and I was so reminded that God is the potter and He’s molding me. I don’t understand it and I’m feeling different than I ever have, kind of scary but I beginning to like me for the first time in my life. I’m not fully there but the process is coming along. I so appreciate all that you give in your ministry, thanks again.

  5. Sorry about the loss. Crying is a healthy way of dealing with things in life. I have also found myself tearing up by simply talking with my mother about the past, watching my son play, and listening to an inspiring song. I guess we all reach a time in life where a lot of feelings are experienced at the same time. It is part of growing up. Hope you feel better, but if you don’t , let us know. God bless.

  6. Maybe you have heard the term when it rains it pours, perhaps you’ve never been in that situation. However, if you have then I suggest going to God on this one because there is something there rooted that you have buried so deep and is trying to surface. This may required strong godly people to help you with this.

  7. I think everybody has emotions that may seem uncontrollable but how you choose to handle them is in your control. You’ve heard when it rains it pours & if this pouring has never occurred in your life then this is what you just experienced. However, if you have gone through this then there may be something rooted deeper inside your life, seek God for this guidance.

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