Day 26 Judgement day(?)

Can a lying tongue stop it's wagging?

If you may recall on my last blog I mentioned that no one ever seems to care about what I have to say unless it’s in gossip form.  Well, I have lived most of my life like this.  Since I was a little girl I have always been one to know the scoop, yep that’s me.  You’ve heard that saying “you learn what you see”.  I’m not excusing my actions, it’s wrong I know this but it didn’t stop me, this is how I strike up conversation or this is how I get my listener to keep listening.  This is what I grew up with and now I’m aware of it, I want to stop.  At the funeral reception I was in a group with my cousins and no one was talking so I asked questions about how they were doing, how was work, blah, blah, blah.

I tell you, had I been fishing I would’ve gotten more bites than I was getting at the funeral reception.  I started with the small talk about my trip to Dallas and mentioned how my husband and I were having a junk food attack because my cousin from Dallas eats healthy.  I had my cousins listening to me and they laughed when I told them I wanted something sweet and my cousin offered me a fruit, that wasn’t even true; that event never happened but because I had them listening and they were laughing I kept up the facade but then I shifted my conversation when I realize I was gossiping about her.

Before you leave your comment please don’t judge me, I know I’m WRONG and this kind of behavior is unacceptable to God but if you can share any insight with me or a scripture I certainly welcome your comments to stop this atrocious habit