Day 26 Judgement day(?)

Can a lying tongue stop it's wagging?

If you may recall on my last blog I mentioned that no one ever seems to care about what I have to say unless it’s in gossip form.  Well, I have lived most of my life like this.  Since I was a little girl I have always been one to know the scoop, yep that’s me.  You’ve heard that saying “you learn what you see”.  I’m not excusing my actions, it’s wrong I know this but it didn’t stop me, this is how I strike up conversation or this is how I get my listener to keep listening.  This is what I grew up with and now I’m aware of it, I want to stop.  At the funeral reception I was in a group with my cousins and no one was talking so I asked questions about how they were doing, how was work, blah, blah, blah.

I tell you, had I been fishing I would’ve gotten more bites than I was getting at the funeral reception.  I started with the small talk about my trip to Dallas and mentioned how my husband and I were having a junk food attack because my cousin from Dallas eats healthy.  I had my cousins listening to me and they laughed when I told them I wanted something sweet and my cousin offered me a fruit, that wasn’t even true; that event never happened but because I had them listening and they were laughing I kept up the facade but then I shifted my conversation when I realize I was gossiping about her.

Before you leave your comment please don’t judge me, I know I’m WRONG and this kind of behavior is unacceptable to God but if you can share any insight with me or a scripture I certainly welcome your comments to stop this atrocious habit


3 thoughts on “Day 26 Judgement day(?)

  1. Thank you both for your comments, I think I’ve been pretending to be something I wasn’t because I wanted people to like me and yet angry that when I tried to show people who I was they didn’t like me. I don’t know if that makes sense but I do know that I want to be the godly woman God wants me to be. I want to be loving, kind w/o passing judgement or critical of others. I want to be that person Immie described. I honestly don’t know who I am but I’m here to find out. I will definitely take both of your advice.

  2. Unfortunately Tri, when WE change, we too sometimes have to change those we have been around with also. Or in families case where you can’t choose them, it’s about sticking to the new you.

    You are just starting to leave old patterns behind and in the adjustment of that you will have slips back to how you used to be, it’s natural. And sometimes we have to be different people with whom we are with. So instead of beating yourself up try viewing this as that is how that particular group of cousins have always known you and you are just playing a role. Does that make sense? And then you can go back to being the person you are trying to change yourself into with those that know you better.

    Who we see here is not who your cousins see, and who your cousins see is not who we see. I actually feel this is more the real you that is coming through here; and change in all facets takes time.

    I bet those cousins you were joking with have no idea who the real Tri is. Like you said you held up a facade so are any of them really taking the time to or wanting to know who you really are or do they just like you for humouring them?

    Believe me change and personal growth is not easy but you are doing it and that takes bravery and courage, I mean that. ❤ xx

  3. I dont know what do you mean by “I know I’m WRONG”.

    I just see a normal person who listen to gossip and just want to be nice to everybody. Sometime we gossip without noticed, so better start to learn how to say “sorry”. In my experience, people will appreciate you more if you easy to say sorry. It not a sign of weakness.

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