Day 27 Healing to minister

Helping each other from drowning

I’ve been reading other blogs and all the blogs I read were pretty darn inspirational and I was in awe with the love people have for God and what He has done in their lives and the blogging ministry they share with people like me.  I know that eventually I will get to where they are now but I sure wish it were now.  I notice that people like me that have been abuse have made such a turn around when they gave their lives to God.  Why in the world didn’t I do that and make things easier for myself instead of wallowing in self-pity, anger and bitterness.

My life would’ve been so much better had I surrender completely to God.  I made some pretty poor choices in my life and I have disgrace God with my actions but I am so grateful that He loves me unconditionally and has forgiven me for my abysmal behavior.  I am appreciative for what He is doing now in my life and how He will be glorified through me.  I pray that I will be able to minister to those that are broken and how God worked to those that have helped me through my blogging.  I want to say those words “If God can change me He can change you too”.  Nothing is impossible for God; with Him ALL things are possible for those that believe.

My journey in healing has been no picnic I stumble and fall more than I ever have in my entire life but the difference now is that I get up.  I don’t stay down and defeated like I have in the past.  I still say idiotic things and get angry over dumbest things but I recognize them whereas in the past I wouldn’t care and to prideful to say I’m sorry.  It’s not easy to change and it’s not easy to adapt to those changes but I know that with each passing day I have the opportunity to learn whether it’s from mistakes I make that day or learn from the mistakes I made from my past.  I have the chance to enhance my future with what God is teaching me at this moment.


10 thoughts on “Day 27 Healing to minister

    • Thank you so very much for that, I am banking on that because I need to change and I need it yesterday but now is better than never. I don’t want to be a hated person anymore especially because of my attitude and/or character. I appreciate your words of encouragement.

  1. You must start with forgive a person who abuse you. If not, you keep stuck on your life thinking about them. Get rid of them in your mind.

    Think they just want to educate you.
    Think they just human being that made a mistake.
    Just forgive them.

    Do some kind of positive job to get rid negative mindset i.e visit orphanage, meet the kids, love them, they will love you back.
    Think about unfortunate person and help them will make you feel fortunate.

    • I have forgiven them or at least I’m on the track of forgiveness but you are right our pastor once said the art of healing is helping those who are in greater need. Thanks for that reminder.

    • I’m not yet where I would love to be in fact I still have a lot of the old me but I’m changing my wardrobe a little at a time. Your so right, He never said it would be easy.

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