DAY 43 When is it enough?

Just want to let you know that there may some things I write that will make you think I need to get over it and move on but please remember; all this is part of my emotional healing.



My mother in law & I get along pretty well and she does a lot for me and she calls me baby girl but I wonder just how much of it is true.  She has a way of saying something she feels you want to hear so I get mystified when she calls me baby girl. In my husband’s family she is the only one that knows about my childhood my past and I think she feels responsibility as a mom to do a lot for me, I think she feels sorry for me.  It’s too long to offer an explanation but that just my hypothesis.

I don’t want pity I just want her love but I know that love is conditional because of her son, my husband she always sides w/him so that’s why her love is conditional. I know that I’m closer to my mother in law then her other daughter in law because we laugh and share secrets and I listen when she’s hurting whereas my sister-in-law needs her for one thing and one thing only……to babysit. Since we don’t have any children she will ALWAYS do more for my husband’s brother and his family before us.

My solution: I don’t honor when she say’s she wants to get together because she is not a person of her word.  So when is it enough? I know Jesus say’s we must forgive 77 times but honestly it isn’t easy I get annoyed and hurt & it doesn’t do any good to talk to her about it because she always denies it, so what d I do?


8 thoughts on “DAY 43 When is it enough?

  1. Hello Tri,

    I happened to find your blog because you had made a comment on one of the blogs I follow, I am so thankful to have come across it, just like you I have a lot of Healing to do, and the blogging for me has been my release and helped me with my healing process. I pray that this journey will bring you all the healing and blessing from our Lord, I look forward to following your Blog, I think we have a lot in Common.

  2. I must say it is great to see people that are still honest and open about how they feel!!But I must be honest and say enough is never enough!!Think about Jesus Christ when He was on earth-He could easily have said enough is enough…,but He didn’t!! He said we are created in God’s image which means we have to live as He lived and have the fruit of the Spirit!! All you can do is be sincere!! Love her sincerely for she will notice it and then the Holy Spirit can work through you!!Just love her and keep on loving her!!!

    • I’ve had years and years of being this kind of person (it’s like a nasty, nasty habit) that I don’t even know how to get there. I do love her more than I love my own mother whom is no longer with me so I know I should value this women because she has given me love beyond what I have ever gotten. Thank God that Jesus never said “enough is enough”.

  3. Relationships are sometimes messy because none of us are perfect. I’ve been in situations where I could not forgive in my own power – I had to have Jesus to help me do it – and there are a few people that I still have not completely forgiven, but with God all things are possible.

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