Questions on Blogging

Really Confused

I have to admit I am ignorant when it comes to understanding all the blogging jargon.

1. What does the “Links” mean?

2. I was nominated by theheartofJ for the Liebser Blog Award but don’t know how I nominate others with their blogging address and thank “J” through her blogging website-please advice

3. How do I change the settings to have “guest” to post a comment on my blog.  I’ve gotten an email about why can’t a guest post a comment.

4. How do I locate the blogs I like, I have to keep going through my email to check the postings they have made.  Can I do this from my blog?

5. Ooo, what does blogroll mean?

I think that is about it for now, and thanks in advance for your assistance.

Aaahh, got it......Thank You.


9 thoughts on “Questions on Blogging

  1. Isn’t learning fun? Like in life, once we stop learning we die. If you can move through your life and learn one thing each day, imagine how smart you’ll be by the end.
    Treat your interactions with people like learning opportunities. Don’t like the outcome, try something different.
    Or using this blog as an example, look back to where you’ve started from and you can see how far you’ve come.
    Lots of rambling but hopefully you get the idea.
    Chin up.

  2. I can tell you this much:
    Link is a sort of stamp post that gets you to the address you want to. For example the link to my blog is and it will get you to my blog.
    Blogroll is a list of blogs you want to read.(The ones you have subscribed yourself to)

    And regarding all the settings and changes that can be made to your blog: Experiment !! and keep experimenting until yo get the outcome you desire. Trust me, its fun 🙂

  3. To add a link – select by clicking and dragging over the words you want to use as a link. In the icons at the top of your new post you’ll see one that kind of looks like a chain link. Click on that and type, or copy and paste the URL (web address) you want to link to in the URL box. My person says she doesn’t know everything about WordPress, but she’s a computer nerd so she can answer some of your questions. She uses Microsoft Word to type my posts. Any web address she types in Word automatically becomes a link and continues to be a link when transferred to a post in WordPress.

  4. Hi Tri, this is more of a personal message. Thank you for your comment on where I have been and you have missed my posts-that has really uplifted me and I bless you for that. I decided that I was going to have a revamp of my blog, cut out some old posts out which I wasn’t happy with and change the theme. I smiled when I have just now seen yours as this was the one I was thinking of choosing as I saw WP had just bought it out and pink is my favourite colour. However I don’t know if it’s 100% suitable for what I am after but it sure is beautiful,I think WP will be inundated with thousands using this one! Anyway,I’m getting ready to be up and about very soon.

    Regarding your Q’s, it can be tricky finding your way round so I would suggest clicking on the ‘Help’ icon on your Dashboard and from there you will be redirected to the place to ask all your Q’s. A Blogroll is where you can put your Links,such as WordPress Daily,Wordpress Support (which should be on it automatically if you add a Blogroll to your Widgets which you will find in Appearance on your Dashboard). Links are what you can also put in your Blogroll to your favourite WP friends Blogs and to other Websites you are fond of so oothers can click on it if of interest to them and they will be directed to them.

    To find blogs you like click on Dashboard then down to blogs I follow or login afresh and you will get to your page as it were which states not only your blog but a tab for blogs that you follow.

    The Guest blog is one I cannot remember but the help section as I mentioned first will let you know.
    Wordpress is tricky to navigate around and it takes a bit of clicking on everything and doing some searching for what’s what and familiarizing yourself with it. Arduous I know but WP can be tricky and myself am still learning too and changing themes will be sure to be a headache!!

    Warm blessings, Immie xx

  5. Trimed04: I am no expert but this is what I have figured out: WordPress is not easy!
    1. Links are those websites you enjoy yourself and want to post on your blog or the blogroll…that is what that is for.
    As far as the guest comments, try going to “comments” not settings. Not sure about that.
    Once you find blogs you like go to “manage or follow blogs” on the left. Click on the ones that come to you that you want to keep track of. hope that helps. I am still learning myself.

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