A blooming flower

I am so very happy to say that I AM a new creation in Christ.  For the first time since I’ve been a Christian for 20 years, I was 18 years old and never ever has this change been done.  The only change I had was my love for Jesus but my personality, attitude changed a little but my stubborn ways didn’t seem to change and my reasoning for being bitter, angry and hurt were blamed from my past.

Angry and Bitter

Here I am a NEW woman in Christ Jesus, not only did I go back to my first love but I saw a mirror of somebody I realized I didn’t want to be anymore.  I have repeatedly have prayed for God to change me and then I started this blog but I still wasn’t happy with whom I was and wondered if the change would ever occur and NOWI believe! We have started classes in our church that is title “Help, Heal and Overcome” and this has helped my husband and I see things in ourselves that we didn’t see before.

Healing power of God

We are healing and now overcoming the obstacles that trapped us from knowing our God and ourselves. I give GOD all the honor and glory for this change and I thank God that I am writing again it sure feels awesome.


6 thoughts on “A NEW ME

  1. Tri, this is a very encouraging post. I like to hear when people say they feel “new”. My theme has been feeling free from worries and regrets, thus living the present moment. It is truly liberating to do so, but it is a daily task, while we are still in the flesh. But I am happy to know you are feeling like a new creation, because this means you are probably a step closer to Truth. Thanks for visiting and commenting in my blog. Hope we can continue to share ideas. God bless.

    • Carl, I’ve been born again Christian for so a long time but I was spiritually blind when it came to me talk about being bias…lol
      I blamed everything on being abused and unwanted that I felt that it my behavior was ok because of my past but boy, that was far from the truth. Thank Jesus that He has cleanse my eyes with mud as He did for the blind man.

    • Larry, so am I, a lot of people in my & husband’s family are still a little apprehensive because of my strong personality and was very outspoken. Thank God for this 180 degree turn. : )

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