My little girl Tessie turns 10 years old

Here is a picture of Tessie when we first got her.  We got her at 6 weeks and this picture is when she was only 3 months old.  She loved this pillow, it was her throne.

Tessie’s 2nd birthday, as you can see her color on her head changed from black to brown.

Relaxing in the arm of my grandma’s sofa.

Mommy taking care of me while I  was ill in 2003.

Look how high I can jump, I am super energetic.

Posing in my genetic pose known for Jack Russell’s.

Have to look good before heading out to the doggie park.

Do I have to say “cheese?”

“Why can’t I go play outside?”

Tessie gets a little brother, Milo. “This is how to scratch that itch.”

I don’t mind helping my brother, even if he was a pest to me.

On a family trip to New Mexico last year, never seen snow before burr this is cold, miss my hot and humid weather at home.

Aaahh, this is more like it. Mommy doesn’t like this hot weather but I do.

After my brother and I were ill from stomach virus, grandma send us a get well card with doggie treats. Thanks grandma.

Tessie 9th birthday

Opening my gift on my 9th birthday, my face color has changed from black to brown to white, guess that’s a sign for getting older.

Christmas 2011, wasn’t too happy because I sat there through a few moments of “don’t move” then this ridiculous dress I had to wear, our winter is not cold enough to wear clothes….hello mom, I’m a doggie.

 Here I am on my 10th birthday party with my little brother Milo and my newest sister Bella.

 Here is to the best 10 years that God has given me with Tessie, I pray I will have many more birthday’s with her and may she remain like she is now, a happy energetic doggie.  This is my poem dedicated to her:  “You Understand, You Understood”

You were my first pet and I didn’t have a clue as to how to handle you & you seemed to understand that I was clueless

I wonder how do I correct her, does she understand what I’m saying? Even then you understood

Yes, you chewed on a couple of phone cords but after one time of catching you in the act

You never did it again, you understood

The only word I ever had to say to you was “no” and you understood that simple word.

No jumping, no messing in the house, no eating human food, no peeing or pooping in the house, you understood

You understood when I was sad and you licked my tears away, when I was sick you stayed by my side day and night and when I had surgery and you knew not to jump on me, you understood…me.

Thank you Tessie for the best 10 years you have been in my life.  You’re mommy’s good little girl, I  hope you understand.