I am an aspiring writer on a journey for God’s mission for me. I no longer have a past that stops me from being who God wants me to be.  I am now on a journey for healing and overcoming.  I know that by His stripes I AM healed.  I’m on a new mission to change into being a better person for those that know me, for those that will cross my path, for future friends, for my family and for God.

My previous title was 123 days to healing but I believe it meant healing was as easy as 123.  My new title is now Healing and Overcoming.


15 thoughts on “Tri

  1. I nominated you for the Sunshine Blog Award which is given to “bloggers who positively and creatively inspire others in the blogosphere.” Please see my site for instructions about the award. God Bless!

  2. Thank you for your honesty in sharing Tri being conformed into the image of Jesus takes time, our evil flesh has to be put to death so we can be perfected in Love.

    Look forward to sharing more with you Tri in the near future

    Christian Love Anne

    • Thank you so very much for that advice and for any upcoming advice you have for me in the future. I may have been a Christian for a long time but I am just learning now so I could sure use any help you have for me in my walk with Christ.
      Blessings to you always…..Tri

  3. Aloha Tri. Thanks for reading my humble page. Our journeys are much alike like you said. You said our goals differ and I beg to differ. Though we may say different names, sing different songs, and pray different prayers. The destination, the goal is the same. God. Home. Wholeness. That indescribable feeling of being completely alive and without shame. May you find joy and Aloha in your life and I hope you find the release in your blog.

  4. Hello Tri 🙂

    Thank you for dropping by my blog. I’m calling you a strong person for you have that courage to release your thoughts without the feel of being ashamed. And all of us should be like that. God lead us to different paths, in different ways to discover His greatness and I know God will reveal that to you in constant prayers and walk with Him. I’m not also a writer and it’s not a hindrance that we cannot share God’s healing power to others. Even now, I am haunted by some painful memories of the past and it’s a daily battle that needs daily surrender to the Lord. You are loved by God so keep it up as He heals you. One thing I love most about God’s healing is, He just don’t heal wounds, but also the scars. 🙂 God bless you most! (I’m following, can’t wait to read more from you my friend).


  5. Tri
    I am not a part of this blog but I did see your twitter and often times I read your posting and I’m touched by pouring your heart out and it’s hard doing that for the fear of being ridicule but you hang in there Tri, God will use you for the glory of his kingdom. If he could Paul than he can use you as well. Look at the history of the people God has used for his glory. Stay on course with your healing and when you fall-get back up and remember that God is with you.
    God bless you Tri
    A praying friend in Christ.

  6. Hi Tri, There are parts of me that are still broken from things that happened to me growing up. I struggled trying to carry the baggage of all my pain. It is only since my relationship with Christ that I am learning to surrender my pain to him who will never fail me. It has take me a long time to get to the point where I could trust that Christ was not like the people in my life who hurt me or who failed me.. Some of the scars are still with me after years of trying to hide my pain and feel worthy by trying to do too much to compensate. I was wearing out. Now I am learning to trust that Jesus is enough for all my emotional trauma. He is showing me that he will never leave me and that no matter what happens to me, he will be with me. I am learning. I know now that the only validation I need has been given me by Christ. That makes everything else bearable! What others think means nothing.

    • Marianne, I can empathize with you. I find so much strength, security and comfort in knowing that there is really only one person I can trust in this life and that is Christ! My God never changes and He is always faithful. I just love that about Him! I want to put my arms around Jesus, hug Him tight and say Thank You and I love you! Tri, I’m so glad I found your site. You will be be a source of strength for me. Many blessings to come your way today. 🙂

  7. I agree with Imogen. I think healing (and growth) are a life-long processes. There is always something that you will need to work on in life and your “To Do List” will never fully be crossed off. Sometimes you may also keep slipping, falling over and over again and making the same mistakes in the same area (even though you thought you wouldn’t), but that’s okay too–it’s all part of the learning that is taking place.

    Good luck on your journey of healing and I wish you all the best. 🙂

    • Thanks so much for that insight, I appreciate what you are saying and you are correct healing is a life long process, I just want to finally learn from what everyone has to teach me so that when I do face adversity I wanna learn how to bounce back. I don’t want to stay down with anger and unforgiveness. I want to get to that point as you mentioned that when I do fall it’s ok, get up again and learn from it. This is a great teaching tool and I thank you so much for your comment and your words or wisdom.

  8. You can never put a time on healing. When one part of your past, or present, is dealt with then another aspect will surface, well that’s been my experience. Just when I thought “Yay, I’ve done it” boom…something else long forgotten about surfaces. I am 36 now and I am just now ready to talk about a brutal attack that happened to me when I was 16; do you see what I mean? I think that healing is a life-long project. If it’s not emotional healing we have spiritual healing to do too. I’m on the same journey as you 🙂 God will only give you as much to deal with as he feels you are ready to handle and God has always got our backs so trust in him. I know he brings me what I need at any given time and never sooner or later. God really does move in mysterious ways, yet in my experience it has always been for my greater good. I hope you can use some of this to help, Immie x

    • Wow Immie that was so insightful. I never thought about it like that I just thought I’m a born again Christian and why do I behave the way I do, why am I so ruthless and ever so curd a lot of the times. I have the love of God residing on the inside of me why aren’t my godly fruits showing. I was abused by numerous people including teachers of my past and rejected by those I trusted and betrayed so when I came to the saving knowledge of Jesus I knew that I could trust Him and He would never abuse me or reject me then why this behavior I wondered. I couldn’t afford going to a therapist even a Christian one and I didn’t want to disclose this to my church because it was small and I didn’t feel safe there to emotionally open up & now here I am seeking advice and gaining knowledge and wisdom from my healing journey. I thank you for sharing with me and for advising me of something I never thought about. Blessings to you.

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