Questions on Blogging

Really Confused

I have to admit I am ignorant when it comes to understanding all the blogging jargon.

1. What does the “Links” mean?

2. I was nominated by theheartofJ for the Liebser Blog Award but don’t know how I nominate others with their blogging address and thank “J” through her blogging website-please advice

3. How do I change the settings to have “guest” to post a comment on my blog.  I’ve gotten an email about why can’t a guest post a comment.

4. How do I locate the blogs I like, I have to keep going through my email to check the postings they have made.  Can I do this from my blog?

5. Ooo, what does blogroll mean?

I think that is about it for now, and thanks in advance for your assistance.

Aaahh, got it......Thank You.


My view on Capitalism

Capitalism– economic system in which industry is privately owned.

Two years ago when my husband and I were looking for a house to purchase for the first time, our realtor took us to several homes that were foreclosed.  In my own stupidity I thought it was ok for her to show us these homes because she was helping us to find a home that was a lot of home but not a lot of money.  Upon viewing these homes I noticed a lot of them were badly damaged some had hope but others did not.  Our realtor told us that people would do this so that it would be harder for the bank to sell them.

Still perplexed about this information we saw a foreclosed home that we absolutely loved with a lot of potential behind the ruins and the price was a steal. We made an offer to the bank and it was accepted but when the Inspector came to the property they told us all the things that were wrong with it and there were stipulations to getting a FHA loan that others didn’t have because they had a higher Interest Rate.  Needless to say we didn’t get it and I’m glad we didn’t especially what I know now.  The house down the block from where we live now was almost considered condemned because it had cat feces, urine all over the home and it was in bad shape; it was also a foreclose home and was being sold at a dirt cheap price. 

What is my point?  Well, I’m glad God shut the doors for those homes that were foreclosed because these were homes that belonged to people who couldn’t continue the payments and the bank forced them out of their home and out of that anger they damaged the property making it difficult to resell. Even to those homes that were paid off but borrowed against their home for home improvements.  I’m not saying this is right but all the hard work and sweat they put in that homes were snatched away.

That home down the block from where we live now was bought from an Investor and was fixed up and now was valued at the price we brought our home.  But if you think about it our home is our home as long as we don’t default on the payments; the moment we do the bank will kick us out as well.  All that work we invested in our home for nothing.

As I looked at all the rooms in our home and our vehicles I realized that a small percentage was literally ours.  We have a vehicle that is a 2000 so it is almost 12 years old and she works but only when she chooses too.  Not very mechanics know what is wrong with this car so we keep saying that we need to get rid of it but don’t want to get in debt with another car payment but how bogus is that when we are in debt with the credit card companies and school loans.  Almost everything in our home is owned by some bank.  That my friend is Capitalism!  What happened to those days when we weren’t in debt with credit cards or in debt with student loans?  How did we get into this mess, and how do we get out? 

This is what God tells us about borrowing:

The rich ruleth over the poor, and the borrower is servant to the lender. – Proverbs 22:7

In Matthew 6:24, Jesus tells us that we can’t serve two masters. It is implied that we should serve God and nothing else. We serve God with our time. If we are in debt, we become servants to the banks and credit holders with our time until we payback what we owe. When we are loaded down with debt, we are spending our time serving our debt holders to pay them back. Therefore, we are not free to serve God with our time because our time is already accounted for.  When we borrow money, we are not operating in the blessing God has called us to according to Deuteronomy 28:12. In fact, when we borrow money, we are basically telling God “I cannot wait for you to get the money to me, so I will get it myself.” God should be our provider not the bank.   Article written by Amos Johnson, Jr PhD

Day 41 Truly Thankful

     It is a good thing to give thanks unto the Lord…. Psalms 92:1

Remember  not just for today but for always, give thanks to God for He is good and His love endures forever!

Wow, here I am writing this and I’m amazed on what I went through the last few weeks to be here now giving Thanks to God, in the good times and in the those days that are not so good. I am grateful for day 41 and for the company of my Christian Bloggers who have stood by me when I was alone and afraid……to change.  The encouragement has been overwhelming but in the most positive way.

Happy Thanksgiving and May God Bless you

this day

Day 40 A Recovering Victim

last year's pies-pumpkin; good, apple; dry

Today is the eve of Thanksgiving and this year I am grateful/thankful for those I have met through my blog, those that have touched my heart in a way that has never been touched before.  I have strangers who have never met me be kind to me and show much love and teachings to me.  I wonder how can that be possible but then I’m reminded of God’s word that say’s “with God, all things are possible” Phil. 4:13.  I’m not used to kindness and that can be because I’ve been ruthless myself but at times I have been gentle, sometimes to gentle because I get my feelings hurt.  Sticking to the topic at hand I will thank God for sending His son Jesus to die for me and for healing me.  I believe that I will be a recovering victim, no longer hurt from the past.

I am on my way to my cousin’s house to do our traditional baking, every year for the past 12 years it has been a disaster with our baking.  Our pies get burned or the pecan pie is too watery or our apple pie is over baked on the inside, the only thing we seem to have mastered is our pumpkin pie and I don’t even like pumpkin pie.  Nevertheless, this is a tradition I usually look forward to because even though our pies are disastrous we get a good laugh.  This cousin is one of the few family members that I am close too and she’s not an affectionate person but she’s the kind of person that everybody loves and to be in her company is usually enjoyable.

A personal note from me to you, my blessing this Thanksgiving and for what I am truly grateful to God this year is all of you that have participated in my journey for healing.  Thank you for never judging me but most of all thanks for encouraging me.

Day 33-38 The Whole Truth

fast life, slow healing

It’s been awhile since I have posted on my blog, my days have been so busy and although, I don’t have any children I’ve still been so busy.  I’m so behind in housework and such that I get overwhelmed and then I feel like I’m having panic attacks.

Another reason is, I was too embarrassed to tell you that my healing seems to have fallen to the back burner.  The truth is I’ve been such a mess and I felt like I do when I go to church to get prayer about something specific.  I begin to talk w/an elder at church and when they see me again and ask how I’m doing I lie to them by saying I’m fine when in reality I’m not.  I don’t want them to know that I’m still battling that dilemma; I’m afraid they’re going to think bad about me so I pretend they helped me and I’m doing great.

I tell myself that I’m calling it by faith that I am doing great.  Some Christians say “yes, you are calling it forth…..your doing great and just praise God for it.”  Well, what I don’t get is that I’ve been saying things as though they were but yet here I am, an emotional disarray and still haven’t gotten over my emotional pain that has caused me anger, frustration of not changing and for being so critical of others.  I say things that are not always nice to people.  I feel the need to give you my opinion even if you didn’t ask.  I am kind to strangers but not kind to those around me like my spouse, my family and my husband’s family.

I will say this and it’s not anything major but when I do say something snide to a family member or my husband I do apologize which I didn’t do before.  But the thing is, why say anything at all, why can’t I just SHUT my mouth?!!  I hate this quality of mine and I remind myself of my mom and my dad when I behave like this.  My dad would tell me all the time “If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all,” and yet he is very verbal & not always nice.

I was so afraid if I posted the real battle of my personality you all wouldn’t like me and would not care about what I had to write.  My apologies for not sharing this until now; you all have helped me with your suggestions and I pray to God that you will continue to give them to me but I pray you will keep me in your prayers.

DAY 32 Rivalry to love?

Love one another

Today (Tues.), I went w/my mother in law to the Dentist and after that we went and made some errands and as usual we were laughing and joking like we always do when we’re together.  While out, her other daughter in law called and needed her for something.  I heard my mother in law say “well I don’t know how much longer I’m going to be but I’ll call you if I’m done early”, apparently she didn’t tell her she was w/me for whatever reason.

I asked my mother in law why she didn’t tell her that we were together and she told me it was because she thinks that she gets jealous when we’re together.  Funny she should say that about her because I’ve been the jealous one for 11 years; my brother-in-law and his wife have 3 children and my husband and I cannot have any kids so they have always had an advantage over us because she loves being w/her grandkids.  They also live 3 minutes away and we live 12 miles from my in-laws and we don’t get to spend time together because she is always taking care of her grandkids.

I’ve always felt left out because she was the first in the family for 10 years before I came to the picture; she and my brother-in-law have been married for 21 years and, although, my husband is 10 years younger than his brother they have always been close.  From day one we have clashed and there has definitely been sister-in-law rivalry between us.  We both have lost our mothers, she lost hers when she was 4 years old and I lost mine 5 years ago. We are ALL born-again Christians but as sister in-laws we don’t really like each other, sad huh?

The last time I saw them was in June; I steer clear by avoiding them, I know this is bad but that’s how I felt. On this journey I realized I can’t change her but I can change me; with God’s help and the advice from you all, I may have a shot. I want to change that even if she continues to not like me but at least in my part we can be cordial for the sake of my husband’s family but most of all to do God’s will.

I was reminded of this scripture today If you have faith…., you can say to this mountain, “Move from here to there” it will move.  Matt. 17:20-21 NIV

Day 12 to an Emotional Healing

Many directions?

Friday night my husband and I usually go out to eat and come home and rent a movie but my stomach wasn’t feeling very well so I told my husband if we could pick up something to eat, he said he wanted Carl Jr’s so I was fine w/that; the drive-thru was backed up and cars were blocking the people that were dining in.  One minivan almost hit us near the rear of our vehicle while backing out so my husband honked at him, we really couldn’t move & on top of that 2 more cars were trying to get out but we were at a standstill.  Mr. Minivan couldn’t wait so he got out of his car and told my husband to move forward, I told my husband “what is wrong w/him, we can’t move”, he was so persistent he started directing my husband to practically bump the car in front of us.  There were 2 other cars that were before Mr. Minivan that needed to pull out but they were waiting patiently.   I told Mr. Minivan that he was just going to have to wait his turn.  I turned to my husband & said, “When the line moves we’ll let the other 2 cars get out & the car behind us can let Mr. Minivan out.” The story could’ve ended there but my husband complied w/Mr. Minivan’s request because he’s an unassertive man & is constantly pleasing other people including myself.

If anyone in his family criticizes or puts me down he doesn’t say anything then when we get home, I’m angry and I’m become very vocal w/him.  Well, you can guess what happened next, I didn’t get quite as vocal as before but I did emit what I always emit to & that’s; “why don’t you ever defend me?”  Then to make matters worse I told him I wasn’t hungry (like pulling a tantrum).  While driving back home I was playing Sudoku on my phone when he made a sharp right turn which; had me sliding to his side & I hurt my left leg.  He apologized but I didn’t say a thing.  In the past I would have let him have it but this time I didn’t say a word, in fact I didn’t say anything the rest of the evening.  He apologized later again before going to bed then I apologized back to him. I read in a blog that “Rome wasn’t built in a day” & the lady metamorphically explained the meaning of that quote.  I know I was very wrong & I know that changing is not going to happen tomorrow oh, how I wish it did.  I know I behave this way because no one has ever defended me my entire life & now I’m married and he doesn’t defend me either.  I shouldn’t take it personally he’s not confrontational, he’s so opposite of me, he’s a loving, kind, compassionate godly man and is so easy going that most people are drawn to him, whereas I’m opposite.  I guess if you could describe me as an animal I would have to be the porcupine.  Maybe now this will explain my blog and my need to change, realllllyyy bad.  Please advice what do I do if this should happen again?